Music for a healthy lifestyle

V3Raw was established with 4 main values at its core:

  • Food
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Design

So, why Music?


Music: The body’s harmony

Music has the fundamental role of harmonizing the body. Other than a healthy diet, listening to ‘good’ music – whatever music that might be to you – contributes to achieving the right balance in both your body and mind.

BPM: Beats per minute

Aside from melody, rhythm activates different reactions within us. Depending on the BPM, the body is able to relax, alleviate stress, improve sleep and promote physical performance with ease.

Because of our deep belief in the idea that music helps our mental and physical stability, we decided to create V3Raw’s own musical branch: V3Sound. V3Sound will ease the emphasis on this principle, by promoting up and coming artists showcasing their music, and creating our own musical community.

When visiting a V3Raw bar, you will be able to listen to the carefully selected playlists of weekly musical discoveries, as well as some of the V3Sound’s ‘Artist Of The Moment’.


V3Sound Artists : Live The Emotions

V3Raw wanted to provide a space for upcoming talented artists in the music world, to share their music with us. For this reason, our A&R coordinator decided to get in contact with some of the artists at the world renowned music school, Berklee College of Music in Boston. Every month or so, V3Sound will introduce its new ‘Artist Of The Moment’. Here are some of their new hits for you to listen to. Enjoy!