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Music: food for thought

Music is a powerful sensory activator. Affects the heart rate, blood pressure, energizing or relaxing effect, it stimulates the release of dopamine, the molecule of welfare, and can even improve sports performance. Scientific studies have tried to investigate what had been theorized as “Mozart effect” by Shaw and Rauscher in their experiment in the nineties, […]

Functional salads

A healthy habit The concept of  “functional food” originated in Japan in the 80s, as part of a national awareness campaign aimed at improving the quality of life. Today, research is focused on the identification of foods able to improve psychological and physical well-being and reduce the incidence of diseases. One healthy lifestyle can have […]

Music for a healthy lifestyle

V3Raw was established with 4 main values at its core: Food Sports Music Design So, why Music? Music: The body’s harmony Music has the fundamental role of harmonizing the body. Other than a healthy diet, listening to ‘good’ music – whatever music that might be to you – contributes to achieving the right balance in […]


The innovative cold-squeezing slow system The researches on the modern daily nutrition advise to consume at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables, portion means a whole fruit, such as an apple, or 2/3 small, such as apricots or plums. Or a plate of salad, steamed vegetables or a bowl of fruit salad. Very often, […]